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Friday, 28 November 2008

- Master on Bike
- 3 Ravenwing Battalions
- 10 Assault Terminators
- 10 Vanguard Veterans

Star Phantoms
- Master with Combi Melta
- 10 Sternguard Veterans with Drop Pod
- 30 Tactical Marines with 3 Drop Pods
- 10 Vanguard Veterans with Drop Pod
- 20 Devastator Marines with 2 Drop Pods

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

DESIGN: Lamenters or Star Phantoms (Part 2)

Lamenters or Star Phantoms?

The Star Phantoms are one of the more enigmatic chapters. They do not have a confirmed legion of origin, and have little to no background to speak of
Therefore, it was such a surprise when one of their captains, the one known as 'Captain Androcles', wounded Huron himself during an attack on the Palace of Thorns
So, the Star Phantoms are also LOYALIST during the Babab war, and are also noted as using Drop Pods during their attack on the Palace of Thorns. Therefore, I will be using a Drop Pod Assault Army. Then we shall see what happens.
Here is the Home-Cooked Chapter Tactic:
Chapter Tactic (Vital Blow): Not all Star Phantom units gain this rule - only 3 units and all the characters may use it. When the unit is mounted in a Drop Pod, they may assault on the turn that they are deep striked, a lot like Heroic Intervention. However, they may run on the turn they are Deep Striked in, and count as having Fleet of Foot

This means that they are perfect when used with the Drop Pod Assault - you pick 3 awesome units in order to assault the foe. Then, you finish them off with the slower parts of your force!
Bearing this in mind, i'm thinking of using this as my Star Phantom army:
  • Captain with Combi-Melta, Power Sword, Artificer Armour, Digital Weapons
  • 10 Sternguard Veterans with Drop Pod, Vital Blow
  • 5 Assault Terminators
  • 10 Tactical Marines with Drop Pod, Vital Blow
  • 10 Tactical Marines with Drop Pod
  • 10 Tactical Marines with Drop Pod
  • 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles
  • 10 Vanguard Veterans with Drop Pod, Vital Blow
  • Land Speeder Storm
  • 10 Devastator Marines with Drop Pod

~ So, this is part 2 of the article. Perhaps there are two more parts - I wouldn't want the Astral Claws to feel too lonely...

DESIGN: Lamenters or Star Phantoms (Part 1)

Lamenters or Star Phantoms?

The Lamenters are a Blood Angels successor chapter, which was bred specifically to remedy for the faults in their Gene-seed. The result was extraordinary. Just not in a good way.

The Chapter suffers from severe 'Unluckiness' - dubbed 'The Lament' or simply as a curse from the Emperor. None know what caused this, only that it has led to many bad decisions and bad cases when contacted by other aspects of the Imperium:

Chapter Tactic (Unlucky): Whenever a squad with this special rule has Rolls to Wound allocated against them, add an additional D3 Strength 3 AP 4 hits against the squad

The Lamenters have no official rules... for now!

The Entire army suffers from Unlucky, making it just a matter of time before something goes wrong. Each time they are shot at, there is a 33% chance they will be hit by 3 Strength 3 hits, that will kill your Scouts 33% of the time as well. Small threat, aye? But it DOES mount up!

So the army should be fun! And it beats playing Eldar - at least we're still Marines, technically! So, here's the list plan!

  • Chapter Master on Bike, with Digital Weapons, Combi-Melta, Artificer Armour, and Power Weapon
  • 5 Assault Terminators
  • 5 Assault Terminators
  • 8 Bikers, and Attack Bike
  • 8 Bikers, and Attack Bike
  • 8 Bikers, and Attack Bike
  • 10 Vanguard Veterans
  • 3 Land Speeders
  • Whirlwind
  • Land Raider Redeemer

~This is an entirely 'Raid' based army, composed in order to emphahsise that the Lamenters were employed (it seems) entirely in fleet actions. However, as my information on them increases, the list will be re-assessed. Next up, the Star Phantoms!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Lamenters

It appears that a strange phenomemon accompanies the passing of this blighted chapter, a feeling of 'Unluckiness' if you would
Inquisitional Threat: Minimal
Imperial Threat: Probable

This is the first of my posts on the next army i'm starting - Lamenters. I was inspired mainly by the fact that Bell of Lost Souls is doing something on the Babab War, and i'd wuite like to take part in it
First, the Chapter Tactic:
Unlucky: Whenever a unit bearing this special rule is shot at or attacked in close combat, they immediately have an additional D3 Strength 3 attacks inflicted against them in addition to the attacks themselves. This only applies when some attacks actually hit

I've already started the conversion of a Chapter Master that is appropriate for them. An idea i've really had is that of a big Thunder Hammer guy. Nuff Said:
'Chapter Master of the Lamenters' (CMotL) - 180pts
WS, BS, S, T, A, Ld, Sv = Normal Chapter Master
I = 6
Equipment: Iron Halo, Thunder Hammer, Inferno Pistol, Checkered Pendant, Power Armour

Independant Character, Orbital Bombardment, Fearless, 4+ Invulnerable Save, Furious Charge, And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics
Checkered Pendant: This artefact somehow halts the effects of probability for the bearer and those in their unit. CMotL and his accompanying unit do NOT suffer from the effects of the 'Unlucky' special rule. In addition, the Checkered Pendant also gives its bearer a 5+ Feel No Pain (like) rule, with the same effects except it is on a different dice roll
Mighty Hero: The CMotL is an incredible fighter in close combat, swiping aside the unworthy in sweep by sweep of his thunder hammer. During the first turn of each combat the CMotL fights, he counts as Initiative 5. This is not affected by Furious Charge, but the Strength of the Thunder Hammer's Strength is. Thus, on the turn he charges he strikes as Strength 9

Lost and the Damned AGAIN

Information on LatD (1st Edition):
Aspiring Champion of the Gods - Fully Complete
Cult Leader - Fully Complete
Daemonhost - Fully Complete
Rogue Psyker - Fully Complete

Big Mutants - Fully Complete
Rabble Rousers - Fully Complete
Cultist Possessed - Partially Complete
Marine Tanks - Fully Complete

Cultists - Fully Complete
Mutants - Fully Complete
Gibbering Hordes - Partially Complete
Traitors - Fully Complete

Traitor Recon - Partially Complete
Hell Riders - None Yet
Defiler - Fully Complete

Chaos Spawn - Fully Complete
Chaos Space Marines - Fully Complete
Traitor Tanks - Fully Complete

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Lost and the Damned Tumblr!

Its finally here: The Lost and the Damned Tumblr keeps you fully updated about what is going on in the army list!

Take the sneak peeks, the updates, and even the lists. It might not be in a neat format (PDF) or a document you can look at, but at the very least you can print it out so damned EASILY!

So check it out at:

I might even eventually put this directly onto this page. I should warn you - the tumblr is in its first steps, so some posts may be a bit too big for it

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Math-Hammer: Warlords vs Chaos Part 1

A person at the Friendly Local Games-Workshop (if there is such a thing =P) began progress on a Warlord Titan a couple of weeks ago. Woop-de-Doo. Therefore, I have to question the prospects of facing it down. Thus the Theory session
Somewhere in an Anderson shelter near the midlands of England, the Nurglish Math-hammer team is on the case. What is the best DIY Warlord killer?

We have a few normal options with us today. Including:
- Melta Weapons
- Chainfists
- Power Fists

Melta Weapons:
Who can use them? Wait, wrong question. Who can't use them? Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids.
The obvious point is that in order for Melta stuff to be a good strategy, you need 2 assets. You need Flank March, in order to allow you to go straight behind that titan so it can't shoot them down. The other is Careful Planning, so you can start attacking from turn 1
Key Figures in this set up happen to really actually be Vulkan He'Stan mainly. He is a definate in your melta army, allowing ALL users of Melta weaponry in your army to act as if Twin Linked. The Relic Blade he holds means that he has a chance of inflicting glancing hits himself!

10 Chaos Marines with 2 Meltaguns, and Champion with Meltabombs and Combi-Melta
This is really the best set up you can have for your chaos squads. Since you're not bound to the '1 special only, 1 heavy only' rules, you can have 2 meltaguns. Take that, Warlord. These bunch are not only a scoring unit, but if they're flank marching, they will probably melta you in the first turn! All models in this unit have the oppurtunity to at least inflict glancing hits!

10 Chaos Havocs with 4 Meltaguns, and Champion with Meltabombs and Combi-Melta
Just when I said that there was a 'best' setup, I remember that Havocs may have 5 meltaguns in a unit. Oops. Just wait until you see the next choice...

10 Chaos Chosen with 5 Meltaguns, Champion, and all with Meltabombs
Count the meltas! Not only do these lot have the ability to infiltrate or outflank on the first turn (if you choose to send them in), they have up to 5 special weapons!

Math-Hammer Verdict:
The guns have 66% chance of hitting, and variable armour penetration. Outside of 6 inches, its a 16.5% chance of GLANCING the front armour, or 33% to do ANYTHING against the rear. AP 1 means that theres a 16.5% chance again of doing anything* on a glancing hit, and a 50% chance of doing anything* when you penetrate
The bombs probably will DEFINATELY hit, unless the titan moves. But it won't, who would be crazy enough for that? On average, you will definately penetrate as the average roll will be a 7
There is a 33% chance of doing anything* on a penetrating hit
(* as in Structure Point damage)

Chosen: 1st
Marines: 2nd
Havocs: 3rd
The only reason Marines are 2nd is because they are scoring. Otherwise, the havocs are 2nd

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

List of the Lost

Aspiring Champion of the Gods (1-3 per choice. 0-1 per army)
A: Cult Leader (Advisor. 1-5 Advisors per choice)
A: Daemonhost (Advisor. 1-5 Advisors per choice)
A: Rogue Psyker (Advisor. 1-5 Advisors per choice)

Big Mutants (1-3 units per choice. 0-1 per army)
Rabble Rouser (1 per Mutant unit. Do not count towards F.O.C)
Cultist Possessed (0-1 per army)
The Forsaken (0-1 per army)

Gibbering Hordes (do not count towards F.O.C)
Cultists (1-4 units per choice)
Traitors (2-5 units per choice)
Mutants (1-3 units per choice. do not count towards F.O.C)

Fast Attack:
Traitor Recon (Hellhound, Sentinel, Chimera)
Chaos Defiler
Chaos Traver (1-5 per choice. 0-1 per Defiler in army)
Hell Riders

Heavy Support:
Traitor Tanks (Leman Russ, Basilisk, Variants)
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Spawn

Lost and the Damned

Units currently with rules written for:
  • Aspiring Champion (Pts, Rules), Daemonhosts (Pts, Rules), Rogue Psykers (Pts, Rules), Cult Leader (Pts, Rules)
  • 0-1 Big Mutants, 0-1 Rabble Rousers, 0-1 Possessed, 0-1 Forsaken
  • Mutants, Traitors, Gibbering Hordes, Coven, Cultists
  • Traitor Recon, Spawn, Defiler
  • Traitor Tanks, Marines, Marine Tanks

This means that there is about a week until I can publish a first draft. Then it goes into a first batch of testing as the Lost and the Damned players I actually know rip the characters apart. I can tell you that there is a couple of awesome rules and equipments for your characters to use, including specific weapons for your 'generic' daemons:

  • Summoning Daemons is an important concept of 1 variant of the list, the Daemon Cult list. You must have 2+ Cult Leaders and 2+ Squads of Cultists to use the list, and since these units will be big enough to sacrfice to summon the daemons, they are good choices anyway
  • Each god's daemons will have 2 to 4 pieces of equipment to use. These range from whole squad ones, or things such as the Daemonic Ark (which gives Sustained Attack to that unit ONCE) or the Kalab's Mark (Watch this Space)
  • The Greater Daemons have their own marks as well. Nurgle ones are slow but strong. The Tzeentch ones are good at shooting (Ballistic Skill 8!) while fragile. The Slaanesh ones are fast, fragile, but good at ripping even Wyches apart
  • There is no undivided daemons, however, so you will be forced to dedicate to god daemons

So, Lost and the Damned done by me. I personally can't wait. I'm so interested that in order to help with activity and ease of navigation, i'm creating a separate blog in order to distinguish for you!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Tale of Store Gamers: Chaos Part 3

Wow. Here's another update. Already - record number in a week already?
Now begins the pondering on Christmas. I've got some big pledges prepared already:
2500 Point Army
5 Chaos Knights completed
1 Giant Completed
60 models completed
1 Tournament (or 3 games) played

Currently, here is the situation:
Heroes: 3
Core: 6 Units, 54 models
Special: 2 units, 10 models
Rare: 1 Giant

Thus, in order to do this, I have the following purchases prepared:
Battle for Skull Pass (Dad fancies the Dwarves. Maybe if I trade them,
Warriors of Chaos Armybook
I also have the following Christmas gifts on the request list, from a £100 budget:
1 Giant
6 Ogres
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed (New)

This isn't that much, since I have other things that aren't (Warriors of) Chaos related. I have a Chaos Space Marine army to re-build, again.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Skirmish: Warhammer Fantasy Marauders

Exalted Hero of Khorne - 100?
10 Warriors with Shields - 160
10 Marauders with Full Command, Shields, and Light Armour - 80
10 Marauders with Full Command, and Shields - 70
5 Warhounds with Poisoned Attacks - 45
5 Warhounds with Poisoned Attacks - 45

The point of this army is to be cheap and thus easy to create. Nuff Said
COST OF THIS: £57.50
WHOLE SO FAR: £73.00

Tale of Store Gamers: Chaos Part 2

So begins month 1 of the gamers, and tension is running high. The first month is simply about getting some new armies of the ground
I did far more than this
My hobby pledges (in order of priority) are below. In the ( ) are the consequences for me not doing so. I have a prize pot of £50 at the end of the contest, and for each consequence some is added or taken away:
- Complete 1500 points (15 pounds taken away/10 pounds added)
- Complete the majority of the Chaos Battalion (10 pounds taken away/5 pounds added)
- Complete 30 models of my army (5 pounds taken away)

Currently, I have the following. Red is assembled and basecoated, and green is fully painted:
Exalted Hero of Khorne
Sorcerer of Nurgle
Sorcerer of Nurgle

9 Chosen of Khorne
5 Chaos Knights of Nurgle

13 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle
10 Marauders of Nurgle
10 Marauders of Nurgle
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

This means that I am DEFINATELY going to finish all but the 2nd pledge at most. Can't wait until December!

~ Next Month: The first couple of battles are played, as the gamers begin their skirmishes. The chaos army swells to 2000 points. Pledges: 2000 points, 60 models, first Lord choice. Prize pot (at the moment): £65

Saturday, 8 November 2008

"By the order of the inquisition..." - Using Imperial Guard in your Inquisition armies

The Inquisition may take either Initiate Space Marines or Imperial Guard in an army. This works in the following ways:
0-1 HQ choice - All Advisors count instead as 0-3, and Sanctioned Psykers may not be used in Malleus or Heredicus armies. Advisors and other Independant Characters may only be used in Imperial Guard units
0-1 Elite choice (0-2 if Ursakar Creed is in the army) - Ursakar Creed must take a squad of Hardened Veterans. These form up his Retinue, instead of the normal Imperial Guard rules, and only give up 1 for Creed, 1 for the Veterans, and 1 for Kell (if brought as well). Ogryns may not be taken in a Heredicus army
0-2 Troop choices (0-3 if a Deathworld army is used, or if Colonel Shaeffer is in the army) - Platoons only surrender 3 kill points. Conscripts may be taken without a Infantry Platoon in as well
0-1 Fast Attack choice (0-2 if Colonel-Commissar Gaunt is in the army) - If Gaunt is in the army, please paint the units in this as Tanith First and Only. Then you have a reason for this!
0-1 Heavy Support (0-2 if Commissar Yarrick is in the army) - HADES BREACHING DRILL. All Heavy Support counts towards Righteous Zeal

"Let the Angels of Death assist us" - Using Space Marines in your Inquisition armies

The Inquisition may take either Initiate Space Marines or Imperial Guard in an army. This works in the following ways:
0-1 HQ choice - This may not be a Chapter Master or a named Special Character. Librarians may not be used in an Ordo Malleus or Ordo Heredicus army, so don't try this combination. Pedro Kantor/Kato Sicarius may be used in Campaigns including Orks, Marneus Calgar when battling Tyranids, Korsarro Khan when battling Dark Eldar, and Kayvaan Shrike when batting a Cities of Death battle
0-1 Elite choice (0-2 if your Pedro Kantor is in your army) - This may be anything, except from 2 squads of Terminators if within a Campaign. If Pedro Kantor is in the army, one of these must be a squad of Sternguard. If Kato Sicarius is in your army, one of these must be a Dreadnought
0-3 Troop choices - Only 1 of these choices may use the 'Knower of Secrets' special rules. Telion and variants may NOT be used in Scout Squads
0-1 Fast Attack choice (0-2 if Shrike or Korsarro Khan is in the army) - If Shrike is in the army, one of these must be armed with Jump Packs, and if Korsarro is in the army one of these must be armed with Bikes
0-1 Heavy Support (0-2 if Marneus Calgar is in the army) - You may not have Chronus commanding a vehicle. All Heavy Support counts towards Righteous Zeal

In addition, all Space Marine units except where noted gain the 'Knower of Secrets' special rule. Only the above choices gain this rule - what Inquisitor would have entire ARMIES of Marines knowing the unholy truths?
Knower of Secrets: If the entire Space Marine army is defeated, the opposing player counts as holding an additional objective/scoring +2 kill points. The units with this special rule gain 'Acute Senses' and 'Burn the (appropriate arm of the inquisition's enemies) special rules. When the game ends, instead of packing up the opposing player gains control of the Inquisition parts of the army - this part of the army will then attempt the kill off as many Space Marines as possible. These destroyed marines count towards the final game score (if a Marine squad holding an objective is destroyed, causing a 2-2 score instead of 3-2 to the Inquisition, then the game is a draw etc), but the first part of this rule is ignored (the opposing player does not gain +2 kill points/additional objective for destroying the entire Space Marine force)

Inquisition in a Box

Take Inquisition this way:
Dedicated (Arm Name): Models with this rule gain the 'Stubborn' USR while a respective Inquisitor is still on the field. Models with 'Extreme Devotion' gain the 'Fearless' USR while within 12 inches of a respective inquisitor. Finally, models with this special rule may be used in a different army composition if their respective Inquisitor is the Army Commander
Righteous Zeal: Units with this special rule count as with 'No Retreat' when they are assaulted while falling back, and double their initiative when pursuing retreating units. Up to 4 units with Righteous Zeal may have Heavy Weapons in an army, and may not use Transport Vehicles
Burn the (Relative Type): Units with this rule gain re-rolls to Hit and Wound against that type of creature

Inquisitors (Malleus: Grey Knight units lose 0-1. Heredicus: Sisters of Battle units lose 0-1. Xenos: Kill Team units may be taken as Elite slots as well as 0-5 per HQ choice. High: Initiate Imperial Guard or Space Marines may be used as allied forces)
0-1 Celestian Squads (Heredicus. Burn the Heretics (Cultists, Chaos, other Imperial Armies), Dedicated (Heredicus))
0-1 Grey Knight Terminator Squads (Malleus. If Malleus inquisitor is Army Leader, these become 0-2. Burn the Daemon (Chaos, Daemons, Possessed Armies - see Daemonhunter codex)
0-2 Sister Squads (Heredicus. Burn the Heretics (as above), Dedicated (Heredicus))
0-2 Grey Knight Squads (Malleus. Burn the Daemon (as above))
Martyrs (Watch this Space)
0-1 Seraphim (Heredicus. Burn the Heretics (as above), Dedicated (as above))
0-1 Bombardments (Grey Knight squads in Drop Pods)
0-1 Immolator of Heredicus
0-1 Retributor Squads (Heredicus)
0-1 Daemonhosts (Malleus. Remain 0-1 if Daemonhosts are in the army)
0-1 Penitent Engine (Heredicus. Each time the Penitent Engine takes damage, they gain the CSM rule 'Crazed' in the next turn)