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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Secret Plans begin...

BFC is currently embarking on a venture which should prove rather... profitable..

You'll have to wait, though. #

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Design Studio: Chaos Legions preview

Over the previous weeks, we've been pondering which army to do next in Design Studio. It's become obvious which one deserves it...

Chaos Space Marines.

With the re-addition of Space Wolves to the metagame, Chaos seem to have gone downhill. It's not that they're weak, it's just that other armies are Strong. Chaos can hold their own, but at the same time they're vulnerable.

Enter Codex Chaos Legions.

This is a fully all consuming list for Chaos, which allows each of the 9 legions to feel useful again. Utilise your cheap troops to accomplish great things, and expect there to be blood.

Here's a few of the Psychic Powers which will make Tzeentch feared for its Sorcery again:
Iridescent Blaze of Tzeentch Enemy Movement
Declare at the end of your turn that you are using this power – it begins to take effect for your opponent’s next player turn. Select a single enemy unit – this unit may not move, and immediately takes d6 Strength 5 AP – hits, which cause Pinning. The unit may move as normal in further phases.

Ahriman’s Gift of Tzeentch Enemy Turn
This power may be used whenever a Sorcerer of Tzeentch is within Line of Sight to a Psyker who has successfully used a Psychic Power. Each player rolls a d6. If the Tzeentch player beats the opposing player’s roll, then the Sorcerer who used the power will become a Chaos Spawn under your Opponent’s control.

Creeping Pestilence of Nurgle Assault
Use this at the beginning of your Assault Phase. All Nurgle units within 12 inches of the Sorcerer will charge 6+d6 inches this turn. In the next player turn, all enemy units within 12 inches of where this Psychic Power was used will charge 6-d6 inches next turn, and may not Run.

Absolute Justice of Slaanesh Shooting
Select a single unit within 18 inches of the Sorcerer using this psychic power. It immediately moves 18-2d6 inches straight towards the Sorcerer, and gains the Rage special rule. Then the unit must make a Pinning and Dangerous Terrain test at the end of this player turn.

Diabolic Grace Movement
The character – and any unit they may be attached to – gains the Fleet of Foot special rule for this turn. In addition, they will ignore any Difficult Terrain (and similar effects) for this Movement Phase – though Dangerous Terrain will still hurt on a 1.

One Step Back to One Step Forward (Warptime) Assault
Use this power at the beginning of any Assault Phase. For that phase, all un-successful rolls to hit or wound which that Sorcerer makes may be re-rolled.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hurricane: Space Wolves

I sit now with a copy of the new Space Wolves codex and a crate filled with Pepsi. General Storm is grinning as he imagines the sort of bet i'm going to make. Guess what I say?
"I'll drink a single Pepsi... for each part of the list you've made that I CAN'T defeat with my Chaos list"

The grinning stopped.

Face it people, Space Wolves are perfectly balanced, and i'll tell you how I learned this: my local store has this cost efficent Wolf army, which has so far defeated everyone who has tried to destroy it. Amongst the kill count at the moment is a large Ork army, a Leman Russ horde list, and a Marine list.

I brought a tiny Slaaneshi (i'll be piling on the bile soon enough to wash myself of this sin, Papa) CSM army... and won. Lash + Term Champs with Twin LC? Priceless.

Space Wolves are annoying when compared to Space Marines of any type which have come before them, but one thing which needs to be noted is the fact that they are an ELITE FORCE. Cheap squads deployed to take squads out of the game are better when you play against them - try using Combined Squads to force Wolf Guard to stay still in order to wipe out the horde. Maybe you should also look at some things to draw units away - Lash of Submission on a Blood Claw Pack is fairly effective, no?

Your goal is to keep them at arms reach - if they hit your lines, they'll likely wipe out your squads. Stay elusive and stay in the game, as they say in Dodgeball.

This means that Mech armies, Eldar Bikes, and Blood Angels are ALL fairly awesome choices when battling Space Wolves.

It also means... Black Templars, Orks (outside of Biker horde), MEq, and static armies will die horribly to the Sons of Fenris.

Remember this... and remember the metagame: Horde < Mech < Elite < Horde. Guess what? SPACE WOLVES ARE ELITE. Bring enough bodies and they will fall. Expect loads of Blood Claw lists as well.

Hurricane dismissed...