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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

ARMIES: The WIP Emperor's Children

Alongside my Death Guard, i'm currently building out one of the more abusive builds in C: CSM... Lash Build. In this, I intend on having 6 Sorcerers of Slaanesh decked with large units of Terminators and etc to abuse both the charging and shooting opportunities this power gives a player. Alongside this will be large amounts of both Bikers and Possessed - who MAY need the help, y'know.

The idea of my Children are simply to kick the sh*t out of something. It doesn't matter whether the unit dies, as long as they kill at least 1 or 2 enemy units in the process. To this end, all of them are Enhanced Warriors with Marks of Slaanesh - this means they can take the punishment, and cost as much as regular Noise Marines for something FAR harder. While the force is WIP, it can still be played due to the legality of some of the units.

My Children could be classed both as being built to deal with Assault Wolves and Tyranids - Synapse is lashed out into the open, and units such as Blood Claws lose the charge and ultimately their lives against my Terminators and such. Sorcerers are no wussies when it comes to combat - they have Terminator Armour, so they take the punishment.

Note: Yes, the Space Wolf Terminator over there is just temporary. I just needed someone to replace my presently broken other terminator... Also, yes, those are Vanguard Veterans, since most of the time I CAN use Codex: Space Marines with these guys.

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