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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Design Studio: Codex Chaos Legions (v 0.792)

Latest update for Codex: Chaos Legions...

After a long hiatus, Design Studio is back. With the first update, here is an look back at Codex Chaos Legions.]
Since the previous update, the codex has doubled. While totally incomplete - with most of the fluff missing - this stuff is mostly done. I'm looking for opportunities to playtest them ASAP.

- Added Arrax the Brazen, a new Iron Warrior character. Hate having your artillery miss their mark? Arrax will focus your fire.
- Added The High Orator and his Dark Apostles, reduxed Word Bearer characters. Very similar to the Sanguinary Priests, but not as OTT, these can buff your entire force.
- Added Calaesh, Thrall of Alakhar, a new Alpha Legion character. A cult leader exported from Codex: Lost and the Damned (a project in progress btw), the Thrall is your insane psyker, who guarantees your outflanks to destroy the foe.
- Added Talonmaster Torhren, a new Night Lords character. The only character outside of the HQ choices, in Fast Attack, prepare to screw people over in assault.
- Added Greater Daemons to the codex. With unique wargear, albeit at a large cost, these guys actually represent the true power of the gods.
- Added a bunch of unique Daemon Engines - 4 types of Engine Units, to be exact.
- Added some... decent Obliterator stuff? :O
- Added Campaign Chaos Gifts. If in a campaign - say, my Planetary Empires redux - you can use these rules to modify your champions and characters. With 80 options in the list, no character (should) be similar

CONTAINS: Full Chaos Codex, Updated to 5th Edition standards. Few missing entries - for now - to be updated soon.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Army Plan: Tyrants Legion 'Babab Defense Force'

This is my intended 3 phase project.
Essentially, it goes from the unique Tyrant Legion army, to an Astral Claws force constructed with Codex: SM (well, adapted from Codex Blood Angels, for I REFUSE to pay for another codex), and finally a load of Imperial Guard 'artillery' or heavy firepower to level the foe.
The only reason I have to use the Guard for the third part of the force is because IG has the best selection of tanks, giving me a chance to drastically alter my plans with little change in the materials I need to play the force. Oh no, Hydras became more viable due to Dark Eldar? Seeing as i've not brought ANY of this, and will be buying it in sizeable chunks each month, I can change it, lol.
Anyway... Tyrant's Guard...
Organised as Unit, Wargear/Additions - Pts - Cost (£). Where 0 is indicated for the cost, i've got some decent proxies for the moment and they're not a priority.

6030pts Babab Defense Forces – Tyrant’s Guard
The Battle for the Fortress of Thorns was filled with much bloodshed, requiring constant resupply and remanoevreing to even gain a single hour’s advantage. However, with the number of troops available for the Tyrant’s use this was simple enough to work.

The Tyrant’s Guard relies on its tanks being scoring, to be honest – having 4 Tank Squadrons and 6 more Individual Tanks available for such a use, especially tanks such as the Thunderer with its Demolisher Cannon and all, makes the army quite formidable. As with the Bulwark, the Auxilia and Cohort move forward, while the next waves move and attack the enemy on contact.

Tyrants Legion Field Forces – 1805pts
Centurion – 55 – 0

Corpse Taker with 8 Servitors – 110 – 45
Corpse Taker with 8 Servitors – 110 – 45

35 Legion Auxilia – 115 - 0
35 Legion Auxilia – 115 - 0
10 Legion Cohort with 2 P Weps – 170 – 40
10 Legion Cohort with 2 P Weps – 170 – 40

3 Thunderer Siege Tanks with Camo Netting – 480 – 90
3 Thunderer Siege Tanks with Camo Netting – 480 – 90
TOTAL - £270 + £80. 4 Months Buying, AMAP per month. Already got the Auxilia assembled... aka: regular Guardsmen. Got bits for the Corpse Takers too. :)

Astral Claws Fortress Guard – 1825pts
Captain Corien Sumatris – 165 – 0

10 TH/SS Assault Terminators – 400 – 0
Venerable Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Extra Armour – 190 – 26
Dreadnought with 2 Autocannons and Extra Armpur – 140 – 27

10 Tactical with M Launcher and Flamer – 170 – 0
10 Tactical with M Launcher and Flamer – 170 – 0
10 Tactical with M Launcher and Flamer – 170 – 0

10 Assault Marines with Sergeant (P Wep, C Shield) – 210 – 0
10 Assault Marines with Sergeant (P Wep, C Shield) – 210 – 40
TOTAL: £93 - 1 Month Buying, AMAP per Month. Note: Sumatris is already assembled and will be used as a Centurion until this part of the list is ready to be made. 

Babab Armory – 2400pts
3 Leman Russ Executioners with Camo Netting – 630 – 90
3 Leman Russ Executioners with Camo Netting – 630 – 90
3 Manticore Rocket Launchers with Camo Netting – 570 – 90
3 Manticore Rocket Launchers with Camo Netting – 570 – 90
TOTAL: £360 - 3 Months Buying, 1 Tank of Each Squadron per Month

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lets Play Tyrant's Legion

Big Guns Never Tire...
That's the story of how I fell in love with the idea of doing Tyrants Legion.

Originally this post was meant to outline the list i'll be doing for this project thing, but thats gonna take some thinkin' out. What I DO know is that i've 80 Guardsmen standing around doing nothing and one of them needs shooting in the kneecaps.

*toddles off for 5 minutes*

Anyway, Tyrants Legion.

Cool story bro, apparently Huron meshed his Guard and (some) Astral Claws together in what has to be the most meh and money grabbing scheme GW has ever done.

Let me say something now - Yes, I have the Blood angels book. Yes, I have Space Wolves. Yes I have Imperial Guard. The problem I have with the book is... what if I didn't? Suddenly I become a sad sad person who wants to kill Jervis Johnson again, despite my restraining order. Why? Because theres not only no weapon summary (except from IA only units), but you also need to have Codex: SM to use the book. And believe me, i've no interest whatsoever in getting that pile of rotten sardines. ;)

Anyway, unit ideas:
- Corpse Taker: I can haz Bile? Using the Chirurgeon Backpack set on GW site to build the actual Apothecary bloke, with a dash of Flagellants + Flayed Ones + Spare Chirg arms OR Tech Servitors for £7 at FW = Vivisection Servitors. Imma thinkin' it might be good to start with the bare unit and see how it goes before I go up.
- Centurion: Thinking basic marine with Helmet Plume, Bare Chest, and as many weapons as possible. Tip for next time, FW? ALLOW ALL ASTRAL CLAW CHARACTERS IN THE TYRANT LEGION!!!!
- Retaliators: Thinking Iron Armour for them. Nuff Said
- Legion Cohort: ...
- Iron Hunters: Scythed Bikes it is!
- Marauders: Thinkin' these should be Flagellants (for Death Cult), Necromunda (for Scout guys), or Penal Legion (for anyone else). Might want to pick up a opened up Chimera for the transport...

My intention is to pretty much build one of every infantry/bike unit in the book, and then load up on metric craptons of tanks, to bring forward the Big Guns. Then, at the end of the project, it's Huron tiem.

The time has come for this corrupt land to be cleansed with redeeming fire...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wow, Flashback tiem!

Flashbacks. Gotta love them. Especially when they remind you of some of your... duties.

I'm not a painter. I'm not a memory... guy. I'm not a hobbyist... in a way. These are all reasons why I flitter between projects... that and the flies.

Another reason? Because something is always better.

Say, for instance... BABAB WAR!

Lamenters vs. Star Phantoms was a 2 week thing. Anyway, i've found something better, thanks to this week's From The Warp own Flashback (lol it's Flashback week. Next week, it's flashdance)... here:

Anyway... BOOM!

Meet Babab War Awesome Group of Awesomeness Complete With A Label no Jutsu (or BWAGA CWULJ... pronounce from the depth of your throat, bwah-aga, cuh-wuljuh)... Label no Jutsu being here...

So yeah... Babab War Project!

My intention is for this to be a side project to my other side projects, which are themselves aside glances from the big side project, y'know being PURE EVIL (and afraid of puppies, but thats beside the point)

So. What chapter... No, it's not Phantoms or Lamenters.

All about teh Astral Claws! Gonna go down to WHW to pick up the stuff I need for it - namely Huron (the decent model) and some of those armor packs. Gonna be a blast.