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Friday, 18 December 2009

ARMIES: The WIP Skyrar's Dark Wolves

A long time ago, back in June when Space Wolves was rumoured, I decided... I want a Dark Wolves army. Doesn't have to be a big one... just an army! It was then that I was hooked.

When I was at GD-UK 2009, I chose to bring a bunch of cash both for my Nurgle Sorcerer at FW and a load of those bloody Space Wolves which were released. A box of Terminators and three boxes of Space Wolf Packs. I pledged from then to get as close as possible to a full plastic army... This force would show the versatility of the kit, as well as allow for conversions.

This force is approximately 1/5 of the way to completion. The aim is to have every single character in the book shown in Plastic and Green Stuff, within the next 2 years. At the moment... i've got Njal (Power Armour) and Ragnar either WIP or 'complete' (as far as I like to call it). I've also pledged not to ruin this force by repainting a single model - if it goes wrong, I have to replace it fully, not just respray it.

So... the Wolves.

Army shots, of the current whole force.

Ragnar the Blackmaned, work in progress.

Njal the Stormcaller in Runic Armour, work in progress shot. The Back-banner was injured in action when a gale blew too hard :P

The Wolf Guard Power Armour family. I love how many options are in the kit!!!

The next notch I will be doing is the Thunderwolf Cavalry - using the only metal pieces in my force, from Fantasy battle - alongside Lord Skyrar the Grim (Logan) and Arjac the Rockfisted.

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