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Saturday, 19 September 2009

ARMY LIST: Warriors of the Storm

Space Wolves Advance Orders are now UP on the Games Workshop website, so I have decided to make up a list in order to test out the list.

When I first looked at the codex, it looked exactly like how everyone else felt it was - Broken beyond Belief. However, then I noticed that actually the codex is only broken INDIVIDUALLY - it requires lots of points to make it effective. Therefore, this is my list.

Space Wolves can take a maximum of 4 HQ choices - this is from Wolf Lords, Wolf Guard Battle Leaders (which are OLD Captains - 2 wounds etc), Rune Priests (meh. not too bad), and Wolf Priests (THESE are awful.)
I have chosen:
- Njal Stormcaller with Runic Terminator Armour - 270
- Wolf Lord with Saga of the Warrior Born, Terminator Armour, and Two Wolf Claws - 195

Space Wolves have a lot of options here. Wolf Guard, Dreadnoughts, Venerable Dreadnoughts, Lone Wolves, and Wolf Guard Terminators (as part of WG.) This makes it fairly difficult to pick them - you may want to choose 2 units of Wolf Guard, one for Sergeants and one for actual unit. Logan Grimnir is ungodly for WG - they become Troops only.
- 10 Wolf Guard with 4 Power Weapon/Bolt Pistol, 2 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, 2 Power Fist/Bolt Pistol, 2 Twin Wolf Claws, and 1 Terminator Armour - 385
- 5 Wolf Guard Terminators with 1 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, 1 Frost Blade/Storm Bolter, 1 Assault Cannon/Power Fist, 1 Power Weapon/Storm Bolter, and 1 Twin Wolf Claws - 250

These are just basic choices. No sergeants are innately possible. However, I can detach Wolf Guard (any type) and add them to any unit! W00t! Therefore, the Blood Claws will have a Wolf Guard with Twin Wolf Claws, and the Grey Hunters will have a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield attached.
- 15 Blood Claws with 2 Flamers, and 1 Power Weapon - 240
- 15 Blood Claws with 2 Flamers, and 1 Power Weapon - 240
- 10 Grey Hunters with 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Flamer, 1 Wolf Standard, 1 Power Weapon, and 1 Mark of the Wulfen - 200

Fast Attack
This is simple - Blood Claws with Packs, Blood Claws with Bikes, Land Speeders, Attack Bikes, Wolves, or WOLF CAVALRY. WOLF CAVALRY. I mean, what the hell?
- 5 Skyclaws (Blood Claw Packs) with 1 Mark of the Wulfen and 1 Power Weapon - 120
- 10 Fenrisian Wolves - 80
- 10 Fenrisian Wolves - 80

Heavy Support
This is quite obvious. THERE IS NO SPECIAL LAND RAIDER. You get all the tanks of Codex Space Marines (yes. Redeemers...) as well as Long Fangs...
- 6 Long Fangs including Pack Leader, with 3 Heavy Bolters and 2 Plasma Cannons. Pack Leader has Power Fist - 155

OBJ UNITS: 3 Scoring, 6 Contest, 2 Nothing (Wolves never score/contest)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


We are the fighters, fighting the war
(We are the fighters, fighting the war)
Fear our strength and fear our power
(We are the fighters, fighting the war)
Never give up, never surrender
(Fear our strength and fear our power)
Never look back, not a single step
(Never give up, never surrender)
We are the warriors, fighting the fight
(Never look back, not a single step)
We're back onto a temporary hiatus - Battlefleet Chaotic will be returning with regular content at the beginning of October. We're gearing up a few Design Studios and Herald Highlights to fill the void - sorry till then.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tactica: Space Hulk Survival Guide

This is the indefinite guide to how you may succeed at Space Hulk, based upon personal experience...

Play the Factors in Your Head
When playing a game of Space Hulk, there are many factors which must be considered. These are either:
- Blip Factor: What is on that blip will change your strategy, and thus you must learn to fear the blip.
- Marine Factor: A reasonable mission becomes difficult with a lack of marines, and a difficult mission becomes reasonable with a large amount of marines.
- Stealer Factor: While the Blips are one thing, Stealers are another thing entirely. Knowing your enemy means that you know far more what you need to do to overcome them. THAT'S why this is a factor
- Mission Factor: Whether it's blowing up all of the blips or destroying corrupted data in a couple of rooms, the mission will change your plans, and your plans may change the mission!

Play the Opponent, Not the Board
Let's put it simply, marines, you are here to accomplish a mission and you are here to beat your opponent. DON'T let the board play with you, and remember that open doors are usually more useful than closed ones. If you can wreck a door, wreck it. If you can kill something, kill it! You don't want to leave your opponent a single moment to regroup, so unfortunately the board has to take a load of hits to make sure of that!
Genestealer players, this is the same really. Take advantage of your board layout - for example, if you have a spawn point right next to the opponent, then you take advantage of that spawn. But if you have a spawn point next to the objective... you take advantage of that one instead. There's a hierarchy in Space Hulk - the spawns that are useful now, and the spawns which are useful later.

Play the Worst Case Scenario
In all cases, you play as if the worst case will occur. For example, play as if each blip is 3, and play as if the Space Marines will be able to destroy you at any time. In other words, never play a game halfhearted - it gets you nowhere! You need to make everything count!

Cheating is Good on the Last Turn
Remember how using more command points than you have is a bad thing that will mean you automatically lose at the end of the Genestealer next turn? Well, this is overturned if you win the game in the turn that the points are overused. This means of course that you can use unlimited amounts in a 'Last Stand' or 'Do and Die' scenario - remember and use! This may be a dirty tactic, but these are the Angels... of Death.

Tactical Manoeuvre
Use your resources wisely. For example, Stealer players, you could use those Blips of '1' to make your opponent leave somewhere guarded (for a pincer movement, I guess). You could use Blips of '3' when you know that large hordes are required. Think ahead, think about the greater campaign.
If a Storm Shield guy goes near a full hive, he's doing his job. If an Chainfist guy is going through the Blocked Door area, he's doing his job. If the Lightning Claws are not going to the opponents heart... he's not doing his job.

Life is ONLY cheap if you're a Stealer
Unlike normal games, Space Marine Terminators are not a commodity. For example, you cannot rely on unlimited ammo, especially for the Assault Cannon. You cannot rely on your opponent's hordes running out (unless the mission says so)
Then, remember that tip above... Think ahead, think about the greater campaign. That guy might not be that awesome, but if his presence would stop a Spawn Point from being activated, then he's doing his job! The sacrfice of one might be necessary, but if he saves many then his sacrfice is all well and good!

A few final tips
- Never engage a Broodlord in combat - your number one method, if forced to, is either an Assault Cannon or a Librarian IN COMBAT. Usually, your strategy is STALL, NOT ENGAGE
- Everything on a chart is vital. Memorise it to make your turn last less time
- Everything on a command chart is vital. Use Psi-Points sparingly, and use Command Points when totally necessary
- Command Points may be used in the Stealer turn, to un-jam guns or stop bad rolls, so TAKE ADVANTAGE
- Statuses are perfect. Guard makes a combat guy even harder. Overwatch makes that strongpoint even harder
- 3 Minutes is often too long for a team of more than one. Therefore, use a stopwatch! For each additional person, the timer lasts for half the duration... or 1:30 for 2, 0:45 for 3, and 0:22 for 4 or more...

~ That's a Space Hulk tactica! Soon enough there'll be some Design Studio rules for some additional races in the game, increasing the awesomeness!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Design Studio: Quick Play Empires

The long awaited Quick Play 'Spinners End' pack is now out. This is a reference sheet for the larger 'Spinners End' ruleset, which includes the upgrade costs as well as a fast Campaign Turn. It also has some other additional content


Pages: X
- Upgrade Costs for the Spinners End campaign
- A quick campaign turn
- More rules for extra tiles or defences
- Sneak preview of some... later editions

Remember that the Spinners End scenario is a full ruleset to be used in conjunction with the Planetary Empires boxset!

Enjoy yourselves! =)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Herald Highlight: Design Studio Progress

This highlight, there is someone different talking to all of y'all. This guest article is being written by someone different... Aun'Byr.

Hi, i'm Aun'Byr. You may remember me from back in the old days when I was the guy running the good old store. This is still the case, however, i'm also the Chaotic Crewbie who pioneered the latest releases of the Design Studio, and also the guy who'll be bringing a few of our near additions such as the BattleBar or Battlefleet Shirts.

Over the next few months, and just in time for christmas, I will be making the inventory. For example:
  1. The Site is set to have a revamp on it's first birthday, in November
  2. We'll be adding a set of innovations such as MOAR TWEETING, and things such as the pre mentioned BattleBar...
  3. We have some CafePress items such as shirts, Flips, and caps! Vote the top 3 things you'd want in this very topic!

Essentially, we plan to give Chaotic a money flow to make it viable. Fun for me, fun for you. Regularly there will be some offers run through with Herald Highlights, so regulars will get some benefits...

That was Aun'Byr, everyone! Wait for some signs of his work in our Twitter pages!