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Saturday, 9 October 2010

I have GOT to the be the worst blogger ever...

I mean seriously. I revamp the site, post some stuff saying content is coming back, start, stop... return 6 months later... and put the old template back up.

Anyway, yeah. Back again for now. But what does that mean?

Well, it means one certain thing - i'm going to be posting some of the stuff i've been working on for the past few months, whether its crap or not lol. I'm not one for writing long sappy stupid posts which end eventually in my continuance in doing whatever the problem i've felt and advertised in the post, so lets keep this short.

New link bar, bam. Here's why i've added these 6 particular links - and myself - to the side:
- I have about 60 RSS feeds in my browser already. To add all 60 when not all of them are blogs would be insane.
- BoLS and YTTH are what actually got me into the hobby. They are the solder which keeps me stuck here. They are the building blocks of the hobby, and are totally Yin and Yang. To have the truly pretty much all out killing spree of YTTH without the hobby content of BoLS and the community would be so much worse than it is.
- Galaxy in Flames is there because, lets face it, I love Big Jim's work. The Soul Reapers may be the reason I put as part of his Link, being that they're remarkably similar to my still ongoing Codex: Chaos Legions, but his work in another piece - called Killzone - is so incredibly awesome that even my local GW has - or will - cave into it. Big Jim is so larger than life.
- Dethtron is there because I think that even if he, unlike all of the others in the list, uses his blog as a front for a secret underground awesome band of total bitchingness, his Friday Night Internet Fights make me lol. Sooo much.
- Explained 4, so the rest of them. Hmm. King Elessar is a British dude. From the Warp is the second greatest blog network ever (first being House of Paincakes :P). I'm a sap for self advertising, and the opportunity to lock people into an endless link loop is fascinating (makes me want to make 5 more clones of his blog to really screw with people).

Well, the link bar went on longer than I expected. So, tabs at top.
Currently broken, really, at the top but DIGAF? Herald Highlights, Design Studio, and Tactica Chaotica (aka: Tactics) articles up at the top. Added a Contact feature - my email address is, as if that wasn't already obvious. Send me hate mail if you want, at least it isn't touching my other email accounts. =)

All of my Design Studio files are being updated this week. If you're wondering, since posting Codex Chaos Legions preview in 2009, we're into version 0.791. Yep, thats the Version. 15 Updates have gone into the codex - 7.8 of them are in the Lounge Blog I have at Bell of Lost Souls.
Please, DO NOT TOUCH THE LINKS ON THE OLD DESIGN STUDIO FILES, as in those pre 2010. They're all broken or totally stupid so theres no point.
I'm hosting all of my new files on That's a far better site, and its easier to update them. Plus, you can download the documents as Word Docs so that you can spread the homebrew far and wide!

Anyway, good to be back. Now then, time to make the first of many Killzone articles.
~ Herald of Nurgle

PS: Currently accepting applications for writers on Battlefleet Chaotic. Likewise, i'm registering a domain name. Tiem for funnz0rs!