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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Army List: Much Ado About Typhus

In the previous few weeks, i've made a big decision... it's time to go back to my roots.. Back when I first picked up Nurgle, I found them fun and amusing... well, more so than the Necrons which had come before them! This force essentially tries to bring me back to the glory days of the mighty theme army.

A Nurgle force for me needs to either try the 'Power of Seven' format of the Death Guard 7th Company, or it needs to try to keep to Mono. Fight as Mortarion always wanted you to fight, essentially. That's why this force is so fun - at 2000pts, it allows me to field 49 models (including 14 terminators!), as well as a good range of other weaponry. It also works in halves, so I can pincer my foe. It's also been very effective in combat and such against Horde forces.

List: Terminus Est
Typhus the Traveller- HQ choice, attached to Term Champions

7 Plague Marines- Plague Champion (Power Weapon), 2 Flamers
+ Rhino: Extra Armour
7 Plague Marines- Plague Champion (Power Fist), 2 Meltaguns
+ Rhino: Extra Armour
7 Marines of Nurgle- 1 Meltagun
+ Rhino: Extra Armour

6 Terminator Champions of Nurgle- 1 Chainfist, 1 Power Fist, 1 Pair L Claws, 1 Reaper Autocannon
7 Terminators of Nurgle- 1 Heavy Flamer, 2 Combi Flamers

7 Havocs of Nurgle- 2 Missile Launchers
+ Rhino: Extra Armour
7 Havocs of Nurgle- 2 Missile Launchers
+ Rhino: Extra Armour

Total Points: 2002 (if opponents disapprove, I remove 1 Combi Flamer)
Total KP: 13
Scoring Units: 3