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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ode to the Tyranid Horde

Oh Tyranids, your claws of scythe.
To rend and render all to shite.
From Kraken to Leviathan, fair.
An ode to you, adapt us you might.

Tyranids are coming in January, it was announced, and I welcome their coming. The new codex is surely a breath of fresh air in this bland current universe, which needs to be consumed and remade into a stronger bio weapon. The rules are dated and overpowered, and will certainly be Codex Seeped into a more balanced version.

But it isn't just the rules! I'm pleased that the model range is being expanded. While the Raveners are overpriced (£3 less than the Trygon for just 2 more models), the Gargoyles and Trygon are welcomed additions to the range. Add a big old Plastic Tyrant which is still in the works, and everything seems to be good for our favorite Creepers from Beyond!

So, here's to Tyranids - though you may be gribbly and mean, you certainly do force whole races to adapt to a changing universe! May the Great Devourer continue to eat everyone!

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