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Monday, 14 December 2009

ARMIES: The WIP 'Nurgle'

Yesterday I took a few images of my Nurgle because I felt like actually having some pictures on this blog. Well, i'm a fairly bad painter (except when tired for some reason), and to put it simply... I paint to play with units. I like having new stuff to do and all, but conversions and nurglifying it up is my true passion if anything. These guys were the first d00ds to go through this process, after a disastrous attempt to build an effective Battle Company for Crimson Fists at 2000pts (note to self: need tanks)

In the game, this is literally just pure Death Guard. When playing with Codex: Chaos Legions, it's a nightmare for the opponent to try and beat this force with the amount of Feel No Pain and High Toughness they have, added to Blight Grenades. In a standard game, it's far more manageable to be perfectly honest.

Other guys who are being built and are not shown here are my Typhus (well, Second Typhus. The previous one died after 2 years of repainting and reposing him), approximately 49 Lesser Daemons of Nurgle made from Ghouls (soon to form the base of my Chaos Daemons force), and the Daemon Princes i'm building.

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