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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wow, Flashback tiem!

Flashbacks. Gotta love them. Especially when they remind you of some of your... duties.

I'm not a painter. I'm not a memory... guy. I'm not a hobbyist... in a way. These are all reasons why I flitter between projects... that and the flies.

Another reason? Because something is always better.

Say, for instance... BABAB WAR!

Lamenters vs. Star Phantoms was a 2 week thing. Anyway, i've found something better, thanks to this week's From The Warp own Flashback (lol it's Flashback week. Next week, it's flashdance)... here:

Anyway... BOOM!

Meet Babab War Awesome Group of Awesomeness Complete With A Label no Jutsu (or BWAGA CWULJ... pronounce from the depth of your throat, bwah-aga, cuh-wuljuh)... Label no Jutsu being here...

So yeah... Babab War Project!

My intention is for this to be a side project to my other side projects, which are themselves aside glances from the big side project, y'know being PURE EVIL (and afraid of puppies, but thats beside the point)

So. What chapter... No, it's not Phantoms or Lamenters.

All about teh Astral Claws! Gonna go down to WHW to pick up the stuff I need for it - namely Huron (the decent model) and some of those armor packs. Gonna be a blast.

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