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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lets Play Tyrant's Legion

Big Guns Never Tire...
That's the story of how I fell in love with the idea of doing Tyrants Legion.

Originally this post was meant to outline the list i'll be doing for this project thing, but thats gonna take some thinkin' out. What I DO know is that i've 80 Guardsmen standing around doing nothing and one of them needs shooting in the kneecaps.

*toddles off for 5 minutes*

Anyway, Tyrants Legion.

Cool story bro, apparently Huron meshed his Guard and (some) Astral Claws together in what has to be the most meh and money grabbing scheme GW has ever done.

Let me say something now - Yes, I have the Blood angels book. Yes, I have Space Wolves. Yes I have Imperial Guard. The problem I have with the book is... what if I didn't? Suddenly I become a sad sad person who wants to kill Jervis Johnson again, despite my restraining order. Why? Because theres not only no weapon summary (except from IA only units), but you also need to have Codex: SM to use the book. And believe me, i've no interest whatsoever in getting that pile of rotten sardines. ;)

Anyway, unit ideas:
- Corpse Taker: I can haz Bile? Using the Chirurgeon Backpack set on GW site to build the actual Apothecary bloke, with a dash of Flagellants + Flayed Ones + Spare Chirg arms OR Tech Servitors for £7 at FW = Vivisection Servitors. Imma thinkin' it might be good to start with the bare unit and see how it goes before I go up.
- Centurion: Thinking basic marine with Helmet Plume, Bare Chest, and as many weapons as possible. Tip for next time, FW? ALLOW ALL ASTRAL CLAW CHARACTERS IN THE TYRANT LEGION!!!!
- Retaliators: Thinking Iron Armour for them. Nuff Said
- Legion Cohort: ...
- Iron Hunters: Scythed Bikes it is!
- Marauders: Thinkin' these should be Flagellants (for Death Cult), Necromunda (for Scout guys), or Penal Legion (for anyone else). Might want to pick up a opened up Chimera for the transport...

My intention is to pretty much build one of every infantry/bike unit in the book, and then load up on metric craptons of tanks, to bring forward the Big Guns. Then, at the end of the project, it's Huron tiem.

The time has come for this corrupt land to be cleansed with redeeming fire...

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